Friday, 27 September 2013

my "go-to" breakfast

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Yes! Breakfast are important but sometimes i skip them unintentionally... Then again, i couldn't survive a day without a cup of coffee or tea.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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It's my study break now. Ever since school have started, time seems to pass so fast. Life's been good so far! So happy to be able to find a job that wouldn't clash onto my school's timetable. I also went to the adventure's cove yesterday with a good friend of mine. It was a last minute plan because our weekends was supposed to be fun. Oh man, would i ever know that the music festival will be canceled :( Anyway back to adventure cove, never had i felt the urge to take all the rides before. I am not a 'roller-coaster' sort of person though. Headed to Cath Kidston boutique afterwards over at town. I was blown away by their products there because it's too pretty. My drugstore stuffs have arrived! I will blog about my haul next!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DSC_1201 copy DSC_1186 copy DSC_1183 copy
Wearing Dress from Overseas, Feiyue Shoes

I looked at the bag of clothing which i am going to give away and found this dress. Gotten this dress during my "peter pan collar phase" which i ended up got sick of it but not for now!

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Wearing: Top from Topshop, Oversea Jeans 

This outfit is definitely one of my most favorite one even though it looks really simple. I like how the top have a "swimsuit" kind of bottom to make it look tucked in nicely.

Today, i went back to my Secondary school (which is also known as high school to some) to visit my respected ones as i realize that i never had a proper trip back to thank them when i last graduated. Especially my art teacher who have given me great guidance for my art. My feelings starts to act all weird when i step into my classroom. Studying can be quite a pain but the classmates and naggy teachers are just irreplaceable. There's only one thing which i totally regretted on but this decision wouldn't make me for who am i now.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Photos i took during couple of weeks back. All stress up for the first project for Photography. It's challenging to find things at a small town or maybe its easier? I don't know. Anyway...It's September! New month, not a new start because you're still you. I am pretty excited for the plans coming up!

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Into GIF image recently so i decided to make one and will continue to make more of it. School was pretty fine and thankfully the workload is manageable which gives me an idea of finding a part time job to earn myself some extra pocket money. Speaking of which, i order quite a few beauty products over at and i couldn't wait for its arrival. September is going to be an exciting month which i can't wait to share with you all :>

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why i'm happy

"Positivity is great, it makes you happy"

I am happy because i have such supportive family and friends. Speaking of which, i am happy because i am blessed with this two supportive friends of mine who's giving me endless support of anything i do or anything that happens in my life. I am happy because i know what are my goals although the future can be really scary but it also makes me look forward to it. I am happy because even i haven't met 'the one' yet i am still happy. I am happy because i am majoring in a course which are of my interest and i know i didn't specialize in the wrong course. I am happy because i just finished one of my major assignments. I am happy because i found a theme for my photography assignment. I am happy because i know how to knit and crochet. I am happy because although i wake up to the same things and same people,i would never get bored. I am happy because i always got mixed up on how many colors i have on my hair. I am happy because i said something funny to my close friends which apparently became a joke in the group '3 for $10, should i get 2?' I am happy because i am always studying in my workspace where there's 3 minions staring at me and never fails to make me laugh. I am happy because i might sound i am forever alone but the fact is i am not. I am happy because i am close to getting an iPad soon. I am happy because i own a body clock which is pretty screw up and it's quite beneficial to me in a lot of way. I am happy because you are reading this.

In case you're wondering why am i telling you that i am happy because i am inspired by:
Check out his channel! He's really good.